Sherlog SecurityCar

Stolen vehicle recovery system

Sherlog Mini Comfort

The favourable solution for high theft risk vehicles used in the territory of the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

– the autonomous system is not connected with the vehicle electrical system;
– the user verification is done automatically through the electronic chip (does not require the user actions);
– the system activates automatically and obliviously, the alternative manual activation of the system is also possible;
– the activation of the system is based on the movement of the vehicle not starting of the engine or similar person based activity.

The special features of the system
– lower power transmitter is used,
– differently of the solution in the Sherlog Mini system there is lower power consumption and more reliable two way communication for the user identification used;
– the remote control battery needs replacement once a year;
– no false alarms due to the remote control battery low voltage.

FeaturesSherlog Mini ComfortSherlog Optimum ComfortSherlog Premium Comfort Sherlog Classic *
System price449 €899 €1199 €476 €
Monthly subscription fee27 €36 €37 €23 €
Annual subscription fee (the discount 10% is applied)291 €389 €399 €241 €
3 years subscription fee(the discount of 25% is applied)729 €972 €999 €602 €
Autonomous systemvvvv
Manual activation vvvv
Automatic identification of the uservvv
Automatic discreet activationvvv
Lower power consumption user identification system is usedvvv
Extended service period (once a year)vvvv
High power transmittervvv
Additional technical security measuresv