Sherlog SecurityCar

Stolen vehicle recovery system

Sherlog Optimum Comfort

The solution for higher theft risk vehicles used outside the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) in the territory of the EU.

– the autonomous system is not connected with the vehicle electrical system
– the user verification is done automatically through the electronic chip (does not require the user actions)
– the system activates automatically and obliviously, the alternative manual activation of the system is also possible;
– the activation of the system is based on the movement of the vehicle not starting of the engine or similar person based activity.

FeaturesSherlog Mini ComfortSherlog Optimum ComfortSherlog Premium Comfort Sherlog Classic *
System price449 €899 €1199 €476 €
Monthly subscription fee27 €36 €37 €23 €
Annual subscription fee (the discount 10% is applied)291 €389 €399 €241 €
3 years subscription fee(the discount of 25% is applied)729 €972 €999 €602 €
Autonomous systemvvvv
Manual activation vvvv
Automatic identification of the uservvv
Automatic discreet activationvvv
Lower power consumption user identification system is usedvvv
Extended service period (once a year)vvvv
High power transmittervvv
Additional technical security measuresv